Impeccable service
since 1994.

Originally, the business only processed Dutch American labeled products such as chicken coating, batters, and marinades. In an effort to grow, Dutch American Foods began to pursue private labeling and toll manufacturing. Specializing in custom dry blending and various secondary packaging lines, Dutch American Foods
manufactures for all segments of the dry food industry. Since becoming a co-manufacturer, Dutch American Foods has grown to be recognized as a quality dry food processor in the Chicagoland area with a reputation for competitive pricing and outstanding service.

With two manufacturing locations, Dutch American Foods continues to build on its reputation and provide safe, quality food products to the world.

Our History

The Beginning

Art Van Baren starts an entrepreneurial adventure at the age of 18 with help from his father, Art Van Baren, Sr.

Our First Deal

Landed our first co-packing opportunity!

A New Building with room to grow.

Dutch American Foods moved into a 25,000 square foot building. This new building had 5,000 square feet of offices which were completed at the end of the year.

Technology Improvements

  • Added 30,000 sq ft of additional manufacturing and warehouse space
  • Purchased SAGE BatchMaster processing software — it wasn’t fancy, but we finally stopped using pencil & paper for everything!

More Room = More Opportunity

  • Added an additional 25,000 sq ft warehouse with maintenance shop

Expanding with Demand

  • Added 65,000 sq ft additional manufacturing space and warehouse

New Facility

  • Purchased land in Crete, IL to begin planning our 2nd facility

Crete Completion

  • Finished construction of Crete Facility and began operations in July

Going Green!

  • Invested in solar power and converted Beecher to a “green” facility — now generating 75% energy used!

Growing Sustainably

  • Constructed 3rd facility for offsite warehousing of packaging materials
  • Invested in solar power, converted Crete to “green” and now generate 75% of energy used.


  • Our Beecher Facility is 154,000 sq ft, runs two shifts, and employs approx. 175 people
  • Our Crete Facility is 80,000 sq ft, runs two shifts, and employs approx. 100 people

Work with us.