The Dutch American Foods

The difference can be seen in our mission: “To provide blending and packaging solutions for the dry food industry with quality and integrity in a safe and rewarding environment.”

In order to attain our Mission, we focus on:


Seek partners who will not only fit in with our business model, but also our culture.


Offer excellent service founded on our strong work ethic.


Provide experience as we have been processing since 1994 & continuing to grow with the food industry.


We care about our customers and work together with them no matter the challenge.

Facility + Equipment

Operate state-of-the-art equipment within a food-grade infrastructure.


Re-invest in our facility, our equipment, but most importantly, our people.

State of the Art Facility

Our state of the art facilities have enabled us to become more efficient and provide controlled growth. With food safety being the most important factor, we have designed our buildings around that principle.

Turnkey Solution

Dutch American Foods provides a turnkey operation. Using our resources  to purchase the raw material necessary for your product gives you another edge in a competitive industry. From packing, ingredients, and shipping, we strive to find the most economical solution for you.

Quality Control

Dutch American Foods has implemented a Food Safety/Quality Program. Elements of which include:

– Plant Security
– Sanitation Program
– Raw Material Control
– Allergen Program
– Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan
– Product Consistency Evaluation

An on-site facility and test kitchen for routine testing such as:

– Moisture Content
– Viscosity Testing
– pH Testing
– Ro-Tap/Granulation
– Color Evaluation
– Product Functionality Sensory

– A close association with an outside lab for microbiological analysis
– In-line check weighs on high speed fills
– Metal detection capabilities

Work with us.